Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Copper Wire Wrapped Designs

Enchanted Dragonfly Necklace
Fall is right around the corner with lots of warm color, cool breezes and time to harvest the season's bounty in the garden.  As much as I hate to see sweet summer fade away I do appreciate the cooler weather and the inspiration it gives me for new designs!  I recently listed a few new pieces that I wanted to share with you all as well!

Copper Leaf Earrings
Copper Leaf Necklace
I promised to get some new autumn designs and here's two just in time!  Copper Leaf Necklace and Copper Leaf  Earrings are just as pretty as the falling leaves that inspire them.  I shaped and wire wrapped each leaf and coil by hand to perfection.  I wanted to try something different in addition to the oxidation and since I sometimes use a patina solution on my copper leafing in my artwork I thought I'd try it on copper wire and look how lovely it turned out!  I gave each piece a light verdigris patina and then shined them up a little before sealing them with a special preservative wax to protect the finish.  The green patina is a genuine finish and not painted on using a special procedure that speeds up the natural chemical process.  The necklace is 22" long on a beautiful copper mother and son chain and the earrings hang from my very own hand forged copper French hooks.

Enchanted Dragonfly
Dragonfly Wing
Next up are my Enchanted Dragonfly Necklace and Dragonfly Wing Earrings.  I must admit  they aren't exactly "fall designs", but I am very pleased with how these turned out!  I designed the entire dragonfly pendant with solid copper wire and recreated the delicate webbing in the wings with a smaller gauge copper.  I added little swirls on the head and body for extra detail and it turned out just wonderful!  The entire idea started from a little damselfly, a smaller cousin to the dragonfly, that liked to hang around my water garden over the summer.  One day I did a quick sketch of the dainty little creature and thought it would be wonderful to turn into a full sized project!  I recreated the delicate structure of the wings in teh wings using a small gauge copper wire and hammered the tear drop frames for extra rigidity.  Little coil charms hang with the wings from my own hand forged copper French hooks.  I oxidized and shined up each piece to create stunning right-from-nature designs!

That's it for right now, but I have many more ideas for the upcoming autumn season!  I have some gorgeous honey colored citrine briolettes and goldstone beads that are calling my name!  Also, take a peek at the sale section in my shop, I have lots of new items I've recently put in there at awesome discounts to make room for new items!


  1. You do some absolutely stunning work! I love the dragonfly necklace!

    And I love your bronze color schemes, perfect for fall!

  2. The dragonfly wings are very true to life and beautiful.


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