Monday, November 14, 2011

It's That Christmas Craft Show Time of Year Again!

Oh my it's been a reeeally long time since I've posted in here!  Lots of crazy things have been going on and I guess I kind of put this on the back burner!  Hubby got a new job at Schwan's as a Route Sales Rep and he just loves it!  I'm very happy for him for landing this job, especially with how young of a family we are.  No more job hopping!  I've been busy with Kaylie's preschooling since she didn't get into the early preschool class I wanted her in this year.  She's only 3 so it's ok, there's always next year but with all the requirements for schooling now I want to make sure she's well prepared!

We also added a new furry addition to our house.  In no way did I want to have four cats in our house, three was more than plenty but my mom mentioned to me that she saw a cat at the pound that looked just like our cat, Sasha, we had to give away when Kaylie was a baby.  For whatever reason after we moved into our new house and Kaylie was just starting to walk Sasha decided to pee on everything Kaylie owned.  We tried everything in the book to correct this bad behavior but nothing worked so we were forced to take her to the shelter.  Now I explicitly told the shelter she should be placed in a home without young children.  Long story short, she ended up back in that same shelter because she doesn't get along with children.  Ugh, how can people be so dumb!  I felt sooooo bad for poor Sasha and went to visit her to see if it really was her.  She had no tail, lime green eyes, and a brown patch by her ear, yup this was indeed Sasha!  Sushi, as the shelter had named her (seriously? Sushi?) remembered me and the lady said I was the first person she saw "Sushi" come out from under her blanket for.  How could I leave her there right?  So I brought her home and crossed my fingers that the peeing would not happen again.  It's been about a month and she's actually been perfectly fine to my amazement.  Kaylie is older now so she does listen when I tell her to leave Sasha alone so Sasha isn't stressed out like she was when Kaylie was too little to know better.  I never wanted to give her up in the first place but we're happy to have our Sashie Bear back :)

Wire wrapped tree branches

Cute little dress form necklace displays I made
I knew that old crate would come in handy
Well now for what I came here to write about!  It's that busy time of year again for Christmas shopping and craft shows!  I just had my first Christmas craft show on Saturday at the local high school and it was great!  I was really reserved about it at first since I seemed to have a string of bad luck for the past few private shows and a horrible craft show that wasn't even advertised this past spring that I did.  But, I got very close to my sales goal for the day and had a great time meeting tons of new people!  I got tons and tons of compliments on my jewelry and my displays!  A few people even wanted to buy some of my handmade displays!  I was really hoping to sell out of some clearance items and to sell some more mini paintings but oh well, I still have another show coming up in a few weeks!  As I expected my Scrabble pendants were quite a hit!  I'm super stoked that I made enough to pay myself back for the folding banquet tables I bought (those are sooooo nice to have) and to replace all my black velvet displays with oak, natural hemp and cream leatherette displays.  They were a bit pricy but I think the new displays will look so much better on my tables than the black ones!  Now I get to take a little break between shows and get a chance to list some new items.  I've got one more show on December 3rd at the American Legion in Rapid River from 9-3pm!
One of four tables, this one with Scrabble pendants and earrings

I also wanted to point out recent treasuries I was featured in for the NNNTeam and Etsy Hearts Beads Team!  Take a peek!


  1. I don't think I could name anything but a fish sushi - and even then only if I was planning on eating it later. LOL

    I love your craft fair displays though! Everything looks so nice and neatly organized, easily shoppable! Good luck on your upcoming show!

  2. I know! That's what my thought was!

    Thank you about my displays and I'm pretty excited about my next show too!


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