Monday, April 16, 2012

The 365 Project: Weeks 15 and 16

For week 15, Picaboo's theme and challenge was capturing sun flares.  It ended up being a pretty cool project, even if I thought I was going to go blind taking a few of these shots!

This is an older photo with sun flare, one of my favorites from last summer!
Almost went blind here!

Sun flares are those little blips of light that show up in images when the lens is aimed too close to the sun.  Usually it's considered a flaw, but it can really make an image interesting!  Your best time to catch them is a couple hours before sunset when the sun is low in the sky.  You can catch it any time of day really but your angles need to be more creative as you can see in some of my shots.

I love this shot :)

All you need to do is make sure your subject is in front of the sun but make sure you're not focusing on the sun directly or it will overpower your subject. I'm not much of a morning person but you can get different effects taking your sun flare pictures in the mid morning vs late evening as well.

Jasper bathed in light
Taken on my phone with Instagram

You can even get sun flares indoors depending on which way your windows face.  I took the photo of Jasper in the late evening in a west facing window, it turned out pretty cool!
Zoe (top) and Giz  sunbathing
My mom's kitty, Peaches in the window

For week 16, Picaboo had a theme and challenge that required me to have removable lens so I skipped it and did my own thing.  I decided to do a week in Instragram!  I feel in love with this smart phone app the day I downloaded it on my Droid!  I love all the cool filters you can apply to your photos and that you can quickly share them with friends.

Not the best photo but here's Kaylie showing off her dolphin
Kaylie's crocodile magnet
Working on some nifty wire wrapped cuff bracelets!  The blue one is mine!

It's great that today's smart phones come with better and better cameras and photo editing apps galore considering I don't always carry my camera with me like I do my phone.
Zoe is such a help with my jewelry, lol!
Kaylie relaxing on the couch
I had a fun week in photos!  For week 17 (ending today), there will be no post since that's the week I got my husband's horrible nasty flu and I spent most of it in and out of fever induced insanity.  I'll catch up with you next week for week 18!

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