Monday, November 12, 2012

Craft Show Success!

Lots of earrings!
One of my mini tree earring displays
Mini artworks and wire trees in upcycled crates
I just got done with a craft show over the weekend and I'm happy to report that it was a pretty darn good show and it warrants a bit of bragging time!  I was a little worried over the wet and gloomy weather but it didn't seem to dampen the crowds one bit!  I usually only do a few shows a year and this one is by far my favorite and I have a wonderful time every year!  It's the Eskymo Christmas Craft Show in the Escanaba High School that's on every year in early November.  I love meeting up with other vendors I've seen at past shows and getting to know new ones as well.  It's also wonderful getting myself out there in the local community and getting great feedback from fellow locals.  It's a pretty special feeling knowing that my work made a perfect Christmas gift for someone's family member and it's even better when customers tell me they bought from me last year and they want more!  I'm sure many of you who also sell handmade items know that warm fuzzy feeling! 

My shutters and white ceramic platter, aren't they just sweet?
More table displays
My handmade tea dyed mannequins, I get tons of compliments on these cuties!

Made a display out of a cardboard tube and pretty fabric
As for my display, I completely remodeled my look from last year.  I sold all my black velvet displays that I was never fond of last year and I bought all new displays with last year's show profits.  Of course being the crafty gal I am, I made many of the displays myself as well.  I just cannot resist and I must make my display just as unique as my work.  It certainly pays off considering the loads of compliments I received!  I found some great display items earlier this year such as a white vintage cupcake display which was just darling as a bracelet display (I HAD to have it the moment I saw it and it was such a steal!  Not to mention the adorable little yellow flower detail) and a few sets of little wooden slatted shutters from a thrift store, which I just LOVE!  I even had a few customers that wanted to buy my little handmade tea stained mannequin displays!  Well now you've seen my displays, is there anything special you do for your displays at shows?

Bracelets and some of my nature inspired decor

Oodles of Scrabble pendants!


  1. Congratulations on your success!!!! hoping for very good sales this month :)

  2. the display looks great! I love how you used the shutters...

  3. That must have been so fun! Congrats :-D I've only done one craft show--but it was so lame; namely, because everyone there was over the age of 60 and wanted Walmart prices, haha. But your display looks so wonderful and so do your items as well! Great post :D

    1. Thanks! I've been a vendor at a few of "those kind" of craft shows and it sucks! I thoroughly check out any new show I'd like to be in!

  4. I absolutely love what you've done with the shutters. I've seen people put earring card into them before, but not necklace displays. Very cool!

  5. I"m so glad to hear that your show went so well. Your display looked great and the mannequines are adorable!


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