Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The 365 Project: Week 22

What a grin!  Kaylie and Daddy, taken on Instagram

Ty and Kaylie when Kaylie was a year old, such a sweet moment!
This week on Picaboo was all about taking photos of the guys in your life!  That of course would be my husband!  However, he works long long hours for his job at Schwan's so many of my photos this week are favorites over the years.

Kaylie and Daddy at the park last summer
Ty's dad, Ty and Kaylie (1 yr) and his step mom taken on Father's Day 09
Being a goof
My favorite shots are of him (and Kaylie) acting natural rather than a posed shot.  They look more real and tend to be the shots that go into the scrapbook!  Although I do have some good posed shots of my husband being a total goofball, but isn't that what guys are for?

I love this shot despite the smug look on his face

Taken while we were still dating


  1. great pics....he looks like a fun guy. and a good father.

  2. Awesome photos! I also love natural and candid shots, because sometimes they just come out so much better than a posed one. =)



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