Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Take A Tour of My Garden

A pretty Monarch visiting my lilacs, taken on Instagram
As you may already know, I love flowers and naturally I love gardening.  Well, I should say I like the end result of gardening; if I could skip the getting covered in dirt from head to toe while burning my skin to freshly boiled lobster crisp part, that would be dandy!  That being said, I wanted to share with you some pictures I've taken now that the flowers and plants are really taking off!  I excluded photos of my tulips since I'm sure you've seen enough of them in past 365 Project posts!

One of my hens and chicks early in spring
Dragon's Blood Sedum covering up an old ugly stump
Just got my water garden all set up with two goldfish too!
A flower garden staple: petunias!

The pretties in my flower ring minus the lavender, which hasn't bloomed yet.

You cannot beat the smell of lilacs!  I'm glad I invested in re-blooming plants!

A busy visitor

Pink thrift

Getting all artsy, I love the sun flair!  Pink thrift from an ant's perspective
One of my favorite garden flowers: Daisies in all sorts and colors!

Arizona Sun.  This one just opened today

Gerbera Daisy

Classic daisy rescued from my yard
Pretty orange daisy with a wisp of violet
Dianthus is another favorite

Purple dianthus with morning dew

This shot turned out great!  Just watered them

A mix of dainty pink and white dianthus
Now for a few others around the garden!

Blood red snapdragons

I can't remember the name of these but it's a flowering vine

More sun flair!  Impatiens in a hanging basket

Peach impatiens

Purple lupine, these puppies are taking over now!

Soft peach and white geranium

midnight blue torneia, the hummingbirds are crazy for these!
Well I hope you enjoyed a little virtual stroll through my garden!  As summer progresses and new flowers bloom, I'll be posting more pictures!


  1. Such beautiful pictures. I'd love to hear more about your water garden. :)

    1. Thank you! My water garden consists of water lettuce, creeping jenny and I forgot the name of the tall plant in the middle. I've got two little goldfish in there as well that I got from the pet store (and rescued from being eaten since they were feeder fish).

  2. Holy crap you've been busy! These are all so beautiful!

    1. Yes I have and thank you! Many are perennials but I keep adding more and more plants every year. I just added blueberry bushes to an unused part of my veggie garden and planted my monster tomato plants (ironically they're cherry tomatoes but the "baby" plants are massive). Pretty soon I won't have any grass, it'll just be one big garden, lol!

  3. Hi Heather: So much beauty. You must live in heaven. Dragon's Blood Sedum, Hot Pink Thrift & Hot Pink Impatiens. I like fuchsia/purples. Have a nice day.

  4. Got any spare time to sort mine out? I'm an expert at growing bind weed and dandelions!

    1. I'm pretty good at growing dandelions too, they plague my lawn all spring despite all the weed treatments!

  5. Very very nice! :) I wish I had a garden to blog about myself! Those flowers are wonderful and I bet you have a lovely place to sit down in all that nature you grew yourself and it brings you peace and keeps you relaxed and happy. Good luck with more plants and garden projects! :)

    1. Thank you! Ironically I used to hate gardening as a kid, but now I love tending to all the flower beds knowing that they're all so pretty because of my care :)


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