Monday, January 28, 2013

Get Healthy: The First Weeks

I recently shared with you my "get healthy" goals for this year and I wanted to share my progress along the way!
I'm happy to report that about three weeks into eating better and working out five days a week is paying off and I've lost six pounds and two inches off my waist!  I know it doesn't sound like much but healthy and real weight loss isn't extravagant, it should be around one or two pounds a week.  Most of those fad diets claim you can lose more but it's mostly water weight or muscle loss (especially with those fasting diets) and guess what happens when the diet is over?  Hence why I don't diet.  I've been eating healthier snacks like fruit and veggies and making more carb free or low carb meals such as oven roasted chicken and veggies instead of a chicken pasta dish.  I even dined out with friends and ate pizza (hello carbs!) last night without gaining it all back overnight (my irrational fear).  I've actually found that the healthier meals I've been making are actually tastier than my old carb heavy favorites.  I find that I don't even miss pasta and pizza all that much!

If you're looking for some healthier food options and meals feel free to follow my food board on Pinterest.  I admit there's some not healthy things on there too but indulgences are perfectly fine so long as they are in moderation.  If never allowed to eat a brownie or chocolate again wouldn't we all go insane?

I'm not looking to be any certain weight, since it's entirely possible to be 125 and flabby.  Instead I'd like to become more toned and to drop two pant sizes so I'm the same size I was before having my daughter.  If I lose more, I won't complain!  So far it's beginning to pay off since I can see more definition where the was none previously.  I am looking forward to buying some new, smaller clothes!

If anyone else is working on becoming healthier how has your progress been?


  1. that's been my goal too...I've tried so many diets, but the weight just comes I guess it's time to just cut back on my chocolate. lol

    1. Dieting usually never works. You have to keep doing it and that's not good to be up and down all the time. It usually don't take too much to eat healthier, I'd started by cutting back and replacing bad carbs with protein and/or good veggies and went from there. Now it's pretty easy!

  2. great job Heather! You are an inspiration!

  3. Great Idea!! You are amazing!!!


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