Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 365 Project: Week 27

Old Glory

This week, since it was the week of the fourth, was all about photographing fireworks.  Of course I didn't have fireworks to photograph each and every day for the week so I chose to do an Americana theme for the other days!

Kaylie's light-up star necklace

I did red, white and blue flowers this year in my big planters

I'm not going to get all into detail on how to do it with a dSLR because I don't have one and I didn't read that half of the tutorial.  If you do have one, then read Picaboo's tutorial, the top half is for dSLR cameras.  For most point and shoot cameras, there is usually a fireworks or at the very least a night setting.  Look for a little firework icon or a crescent moon on your camera settings.

Close up of my glass watering globe in a planter

Sparkler fun!

The nice things about the fireworks settings is that your point and shoot sets up all the proper settings for you but you should still keep a few things in mind.  Try to take most of your photos at the beginning to get your best shots.  The sky tends to fill with smoke and it can distract from the photo.  Snap your shutter button at the peak of the firework, keep your camera as steady as possible or use a tripod ideally.
Fireworks, looks like some sort of weird bacteria...

A big bald eagle at a zoo

You can also apply this same concept to sparklers and make some cool sparkler art, write words in the air etc.Of course the fourth is over and fireworks are probably all done in your area as I write this but you can still have fun with the night settings on your camera.  Take some neat shots of a burning candle in the dark, solar lights, or pretty much any smaller light source you can find!

More fireworks


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