Monday, July 30, 2012

The 365 Project: Weeks 29 and 30

For week 29, Picaboo had a theme of photographing inanimate objects.  The above photo was also included in the weekly blog post of the week's best photos!

Sailboat in the harbor

Broken pinwheel

One of my grandfather's hand carved fishing lures

For photographing inanimate objects, you want to give them a bit of life.  This is best obtained by using natural lighting instead of your flash which tends to give harsh lighting effects.  Mind your background that is doesn't take away from your subject and also make sure your background coincides with your subject.  It would look funny if you took a photo of say a starfish in front of a forest setting wouldn't it?

Hens and chicks in a planter

Cherry tomatoes ready for picking

A little red lighthouse

You also want to keep an eye on your composition, following the rule of thirds if you can.  Creative angles make for an interesting photo as well.

For week 30, I decided to do my own thing and I took photos of my cat, Gizmo.  She's very timid and doesn't like a camera in her face so I found it to be a bit of a challenge to get intimate photos of her during the week.  I think I did pretty well though!

Since I was shooting indoors I picked the best lighting times of day: early morning and evening so I could get softer lighting and she's also more active during those hours as well.

We got Gizmo five years ago as a tiny kitten who was a bit of an ugly duckling with ears way too big, beady little eyes and a little on the scrawny side.  She looked a bit like the gremlins from the movie of the same title, does anyone remember it?  So we named her "Gizmo" after the gremlin, lol!  As she got older she certainly did turn into quite the pretty girl!

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  1. These photos of your cat Gizmo are lovely! Our cat Chloe of many years had to be put down a few months ago (not to be super depressing :) and I wish we would have thought to do a project like this. But the pics are great! I've been working on photo style for my Etsy items as well.. you've given me a few things to think about as I set off to do some work today!
    Cheers! -Shannon F

    1. Why thank you and I'm sorry to hear about your kitty! Have fun taking photos for your shop!


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