Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 365 Project: Week 26

Yellow Daylily
Back in April Picaboo had a theme of photographing flowers and I was so sad since in April, we have no flowers in my neck of the woods way up north.  Not even a tulip!  So for this week I'll be revisiting that theme now that they are in full swing in my garden as you saw in my earlier garden tour post!

Lavender about to bloom in the evening sunlight

Viola growing wild in my vine planter

Quite a bit goes into photographing flowers when you really get down to it.  If you want your photos to look great you have to think ahead before clicking away.  pay attention to things like the rule of thirds, leading lines, perspective, lighting, and watch your cropping.  You also want to double check your background to make sure nothing distracting will be in your photo.

Daisies reaching for the sky

A pretty little flower on one of my vines

My favorite part of photographing photos is macro (close up)!  I love, love, love it!  If your camera has this feature (it's usually the little tulip or flower button) or if you have a macro lens for your dSLR then break it out and go nuts!  However, with using macro the most important thing to remember is focus.  Make sure your camera is focusing on the middle of the subject or whatever it is you want to be crisp.  For flowers, I try to focus on the stamen and pistil (the pollen covered parts in the center) to keep my photos super crisp when I'm all up in that flower's business.


Hot pink petunia!

For post processing, check your photos for proper focus and if you've taken good photos all you should need to do is minor highlight, contrast, and perhaps a bit of color enhancements to make them really pop.


  1. Beautiful! I love the one taken from underneath the daisies -- a different perspective and lovely! I agree, macro is a lot of fun!


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