Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The 365 Project: Week 39

This week on Picaboo, the theme was all about Fall.  I know I recently posted a week of fall already in lieu of a theme I didn't want to do.  But you can never have enough pictures of fall!  I do wish they would have waited another week or two however since peak season hasn't quite hit here yet, only some trees were beginning to turn when I started week 39.  My photo above made it into Picaboo's blog of the best of the week!

From last year
One of the problems with taking photos in the fall is that haze you may have seen when taking landscape photos.  It makes the colors appear dull or even blue-ish in your photos.  You can avoid this by using a polarizing filter on your lens or taking your photos in the morning or after a rainfall when the air is clear.

Taken in the late evening, see how warm the color is?

Taking photos during the golden hour will really show off those vibrant hues!  The golden hour is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset when the light is "golden" and shows off the best color.Also make sure your white balance isn't on auto.  Your white balance is the sunny, cloudy, fluorescent, etc settings.  Cloudy will give you a warmer photo and enhance those colors!  That's my go to setting on my own camera.

I underexposed this a touch to deepen the red of the leaf
Underexposing your photos can help you capture truer colors and make them richer.  This is the +/- button on your camera.  Dial it down a tick or two to underexpose just a touch without making it look overly dark.  You can enhance the contrast and brightness after uploading onto the computer. 

Nice contrast of red with a touch of green
More contrast

Look for contrast.  Things like a yellow tree against a bright blue sky or a person wearing red against green grass really make a photo pop.

Yay macro!

And my favorite, macro!  This is the little tulip or flower button on your point and shoot, or use a macro lens if you have on for your dSLR.  This is a great time to get those up close detailed pictures of leaves and fading flowers!

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  1. Beautiful photos, Heather! I love the rich colors of autumn! I gotta pin your post. =0)
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