Friday, September 28, 2012

Found it on Pinterest and Actually Did it: Mason Jar Terraruim

I used two jars I already had on hand and moss from the yard
I'm sure many of you are Pinterest fanatics just like me.  Or perhaps my obsession is just plain unhealthy.... nah.  Anyway, my absolute favoritest (yeah it's not a word, what of it) thing on earth is easy to handle DIY projects that don't require me to take a class in carpentry or whatever to do.  I've been doing this since I was a kid and now thanks to Pinterest, these fun crafts are only a pin away :)

We found two different kinds of moss, maybe three?

Today, my daughter and I decided on making a pair of cute closed jar terrarium using two of the million antique glass jars I possess (another one of my obsessions, I mean hobbies).  I followed the directions in the tutorial and we went exploring for moss in the yard which grows somewhat plentiful where I am.  We found two kinds, don't ask me what kind they are.  Kaylie calls it a "fuzzy growing carpet", close enough for me.  I let her pick out some decorative glass stones I had on hand to cover the bottom of the jars for drainage and then scoop a few inches of dirt over it.  We divided the fuzzy growing carpets to fit in the jars and filled in the bare spots with pretty rocks which were from my planters inside to keep the cat from digging up my plant.  I asked if she wanted to put one of her little plastic jungle animals inside for decoration but she was really concerned that they would be scared about being trapped inside.  Four year olds are too cute!

It sorta does look like fuzzy carpet

According to the tutorial online, if you keep the jars closed, the plants inside will recycle their own water as it evaporates and then drips back to the soil.  I personally would recommend opening the jar from time to time to replenish it with fresh air.

Kaylie had a blast helping me make this!  If you have little ones, you may want to try it out too!  Here's my pin if you'd like to repin it for yourself!  Or you can pin this post by clicking the pin it button to the right!


  1. Wow! Sounds like such a great mother daughter craft project!

  2. Hey Heather: I saw some simple/quick crafts at Pin too. Closed jar, huh? Are you ever required to open the jar? The beauty and fun of terrariums never goes away.

    1. The tute didn't say if you did or not, but I personally would every now and again for fresh air.


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