Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coming Events

Photo Charm Tree

With fingers crossed and hopes high, I have my jewelry show coming up November 5th.  I must admit I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing.  I'm not really afraid of the whole talking to a bunch of complete strangers thing (most of the people there my hostess knows, not me), but more the fact that I don't know how to go about it.  The whole event was a wonderful idea proposed by my mom's hairdresser, Lisa, a bubbly gal I met once or twice before.  She even offered to host it for me and serve snacks and wine.  It is indeed a wonderful idea to have a party for my jewelry similar to parties for Partylite and Arbonne to sell their products.  Here's the catch: I've never in my life been to such a party, let alone been the star of one!  Yikes!

I've been in many an art show, and other than smiling and nodding at people and perhaps answering an inquisitive question or two about your entry, you don't really need to participate much. Heck, you don't even need to show up if you don't want to! I've also never been one to enjoy the spotlight and to top things off I'm not much of a talker either. I've really got myself into something haven't I? But I shall fear not and enjoy myself (a few glasses of wine later) and sell, sell, sell :). I'm sure my daughter will serve as quite the little ice breaker. Lisa insists I bring her, and since my mom is coming too, I at least have someone to stop her from wreaking havoc on her home. If we can make it through the event without her picking her nose or yelling "oh sh*t" (her new catch phrase which I am not to blame, *cough* Daddy *cough*) I will be just delighted!

Hopefully I can gain a bit of insight from my best friend coming to help me soon to label and price each item I'll have there. I still have three weeks to get ready so I've no reason to be totally in the dark, but wish me luck!

If anyone is interested in attending send me an email: and I'll send you the info. If you'd like to see what will be there please click the facebook badge in the column on the right or this link to go to my facebook page. I have photos of my trees (Photo Charm Tree pictured above) and jewelry that will be there in my Jewelry and Copper Sculpture photo albums.

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