Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Portion of the back of her crib
With having a two year old, it’s become a daily power struggle between me and her and the fear of becoming institutionalized before she‘s three constantly looms over my head (maybe padded rooms are comfy, who knows).  Just when I think I’m on top of it and have drilled it in her head that we do not stomp on the cat or throw toys in people’s faces, she goes and finds some other bad behavior equally infuriating to taunt me with.  Yesterday I discovered that the back of her fairly expensive cherry finish 4 in 1 crib was covered in scrapes and scratches.  I mean covered, down to the bare wood.  Figuring she had snuck some hard toy contraband into the stuffed animal bin next to her crib, I searched to find no such things.  What the heck could have done this?  I even checked her stuffed animals eyes, thinking maybe she was scraping their hard eyeballs on the wood (as disturbing as an image that is) and nothing.  Today I put her down for her nap, she has her usual dramatic temper tantrum just in case I’ve forgotten that she hates nap time, and I hear a scratching noise soon after I close the door.  I creep up to the door, listening intently to this strange sound coming from her room.  I pop the door just a bit and peer inside.  What is the little turd up to?  She scraping at the wood with her bare fingernails!  How she hasn’t torn off every nail she has is beyond me, but now I’ve also solved why her nails are so dirty lately.  I figured she was in the planter in the living room again.  Solution?  I guess we keep her nails as short as absolutely possible just like we do to the cats to keep them from tearing up furniture when then run like savages through the living room.  I’m so ready for these terrible twos to be over.  She’s not always bad of course but I could really do without the drama.  So does anyone want to permanently baby sit my kid?
The culprit

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