Friday, October 15, 2010

A Little Something About Me

Starry Night Bracelet
I have been involved in art since I was a finger painting little kid and now that I have a daughter of my own I have a new appreciation for my mother and the messes she's had to clean up after my art disasters. Let me tell you off the bat that a two year old, a wet brush, a tub of water, watercolor paper, and a tray of watercolors are not a good combination. I'm pretty sure there's still paint in places I will never be able to reach on my ceiling! Anyway, I'm hoping to instill a love for the arts in my daughter as early as possible, and preferably in a less messy manner.

As for myself, I enjoy various forms of art: painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, and I've recently started working with copper wire making both wire trees and wire wrapped jewelry. Working in 3-D is something entirely new on my end, I've always been more of a mixed media girl most of my art career. Granted I've had my share of pottery and sculpture classes in high school but I don't think I can count making atrocious blobs of clay that vaguely resemble "pottery" or "sculpture" to be works of art.

While I was in college obtaining my AA, I could never find my artistic niche if you will and I considered painting, photography, jewelry making, and art history all to be potential majors in my quest to get my BFA (I liked to keep my options open and I'm terribly indecisive at times, it's an artists' curse really) which ended rather abruptly when my husband and I saw that little pink plus sign one October morning. I do have to thank my daughter, Kaylie, for saving me potentially $40k+ in student loans for a degree I couldn't make up my mind for. Several hated retail jobs later, I found my happy place in art. I will probably never become rich, nor would I really want to (well ok, I guess I wouldn't complain if I did) but I've discovered I really enjoy making and selling jewelry (such as the bracelet above)! Thanks to my husband who works very hard and is a great provider, I can continue to stay home with our daughter and pursue this new endeavor of mine (if only he knew how much I've spent...) instead of going back to the old grind after Kaylie starts kindergarten. Of course I have not forgotten my old friend mixed media, but I only have so many walls, which are all full now, to cover with my artwork. I will visit that friend again when Kaylie is older and in school so I have more time to start entering local art shows again.

I hope to keep everyone updated with my life as a mommy artist (and blogger now) and will definitely keep everyone in the loop about new items I've made and yadda yadda. Ciao for now :)

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