Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting There!

Well I am feeling much better about the upcoming jewelry party.  I have at least a general idea how to go about it, and it was basically what I had figured.  Let people mingle for a bit then talk about my jewelry and trees and what I use, tell everyone my deal for coming (25% off any one item you order),  etc without yabbering too much.    It should turn out to be a great night!  I have everything labeled and pretty much ready to go, just have another new item or two I would like to come up with and I'm all ready!  I'm anxiously awaiting my shipment of these gorgeous handmade raku leaf pendants I found on Etsy a few days ago.  Oh Etsy, I love you so!  They will make wonderful wire wrapped necklaces!

Now to cross my fingers and hope that Kaylie is in a happy mood and doesn't feel the need to terrorize everyone there.  Kidzilla is not welcome.  Why can't kids come with a remote, preferably DVR?  It would be much more convenient.  I'd abuse the heck out of it ;)  Or at least a troubleshooting guide with an 24/7 customer service number not based out of India?  I guess unpredictability makes my life all that more interesting!

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