Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Upcoming Shows, Jewelry and I'm Back!

Hello everyone!  No I didn't drop off the face of the earth, my computer did the evilest of evils and completely fried on me, hard drive, motherboard and everything!  I'm so glad I had recently backed things up on our Seagate external drive or I'd of just cried!  It took some time to get our new computer ordered and shipped but now it's here and all set up and yay, internet again!  I was using my mom's computer here and there but for some reason it hated Blogger and wouldn't let me write up a post explaining my absence, oh well, I'm here now!  I must say though with now having Windows 7, I'm kind of glad my old computer fried!  I hated XP!   And with the new updates to the photo editors, no longer do I have to retake photos because I didn't notice the hair or speck of dirt or because my photo was crooked!  I'm a happy gal!  I want to thank everyone for the treasuries I was featured in even if I was unable to share them all around!  I appreciated the little bit of promotion they brought since I really couldn't do any myself.

Chery Blossoms
Ok, I had two new jewelry items before total computer meltdown that I will quickly brush up on.  First is Cherry Blossoms, sweet pink Czech glass flower earrings that are the pink version of my In The Meadow earrings.  These Czech glass flowers are just gorgeous!  I'll eventually be getting more colors in the three petal design to incorporate into new designs!  Check it out here!

The Apple
Next is The Apple, a new copper leafed Scrabble tile pendant!  I like the iconography the apple represents, and I have used it in the past for my personal artwork many times before.  Apples can represent many things such as wisdom, immortality, beauty and fertility as well as the iconographic representation of sin.  You all know that I love copper, and I also use copper leafing in lots of my artwork so it's really no surprise I'd use in on a Scrabble pendant!  I brushed in some rich brown to make the copper appear aged and painted the little red apple to take center stage.  I've already sold and relisted it!  Check it out and many other pendants at my Etsy Store!

I've also got a few upcoming shows if you're local.  I'm nuts and I'm doing TWO shows within TWO weeks of each other!  Yikes, I know!  The first show is the Spring Bazaar at the Gladstone Armory behind Memorial  Methodist in Gladstone on Saturday April 16th from 9am to 4pm.  It's an event to support our local troops and there'll be lots of vendors and food/drink for purchase.  This is my first larger scale show and I'm super excited!  I've only done small events before!  Next is my Spring Fling Jewelry Party I'm hosting at Bayview Manor (217 Dakota Ave) in Gladstone on Saturday April 30th from 2pm to 4:30pm.  It's a perfect time to get your darling mother a pretty gift for Mother's Day!  For my party I'll have a free raffle for one of a kind jewelry and also a guess how many beads game for an awesome prize!  There'll be yummy appetizers, desserts, and drinks as well!  If you'd like to attend my jewelry party please RSVP by Sun April 17th and you're more than welcome to bring friends and family, just let me know how many people are attending if you can.  RSVP at or you can see the event on my Facebook page here.


  1. The apple is gorgeous and beautiful. Love the colors.

  2. Best of luck with the upcoming shows :).... One question though... what is the process for getting a booth in a show. I want to go but I am skeptical about getting booth, setting it up and price range etc...

    Take care

  3. Thanks! Getting into a show is a fairly easy process. you can usually find a call for vendors in your local paper or ask around about upcoming shows and info at a local arts center or a chamber of commerce if you have one. Prices range all over, the one I'm doing next month was only $20 but your bigger shows like Christmas ones can be $60-$100 or more for a booth. The better they're advertised, the more they cost basically but also the more exposure you get. If you get an application to a show you'd like to do it's good to ask what the fee covers if it doesn't say so on the application. things like does it come with tables, a chair, etc. the biggest expense for doing shows is really your displays depending on your craft. Since I do jewelry, I need lots of displays so it can get pricey. i started out making my own and you can get lots of ideas from google for making your own displays. If you're still unsure about a show perhaps you could test the water and try doing a craft party. They're easy to do and all you need is your product and some food/drink for guests unless you have a friend host for you. I love doing my own jewelry parties and they're good quick cash between doing craft shows and you don't need to make so much merchandise up front like you do a show.


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