Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Working, working, working!

I thought I'd take a few moments while my daughter is happily entertained playing with the kitten to type this up.  I am hoping to get some photos taken and edited of two new listings to put on Etsy tonight or tomorrow depending on how much I get done!

Working on mini painting panels
I am almost done getting inventory ready for my shows, yay!  This week I'll be working on pushing out a few more mini paintings to bring to the shows and to finish up the last of my Scrabble tiles and the few pieces of jewelry I still need to make more of.  Lots of work, but well worth it in the end!  After my shows I'm taking a day OFF, I've been working nearly seven days a week lately to make sure I'm on track and I have lots more work to do after all my inventory is done.  I knew doing doing two shows so close together was nuts on my part, haha!  I'm happy for the work though :)  Soon enough, things will cool down and I'll be able to spend more time again making treasuries and keeping up with the online portion of my business.  I hope everyone is enjoying spring and the sunshine!

Here's some treasuries I've been in lately:

Easter Run by yury4465
Orange You Glad to See Me by jhalbleib
Poppy Love by lauraclauson

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