Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big Custom Order!

I was so happy to get my first custom order through Etsy, and a big one too!  I had done other small custom orders through jewelery parties earlier, but nothing online through my Etsy store.  The customer first wanted three custom tiles based off my coffee house Scrabble tile for a school play.  I sent her photos of the finished tiles and she liked them enough that she expanded her order to include 20 custom designed tiles!  They turned out super cute and I may make a few new tiles with a music theme based on one of the designs not chosen, minus the "Gusto's Cafe" of course, lol!

I shipped them out just this morning, I'm glad she's so excited to get them!  I certainly had fun making them!

Now that my little daughter is over at Grandma's off to work I go :)  I have a few things left to do to prepare for the craft show this weekend and I'm getting pretty excited to go!  I've got over 100 different jewelry designs to choose from and I've got maybe 20 some different Scrabble tile pendant designs/color options to choose from that will be there also!  Plus several original artworks and series that I've been working on over the past month!  I've been quite the busy little bee!  Have a great day everyone, enjoy the warm sunshine!

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