Saturday, May 21, 2011

Potty Training Woes

The potty in question
Ok to take a break from jewelry for awhile I want to whine about the joys of potty training.  My daughter, Kaylie, will be coming up on her 3rd birthday this July and although it's perfectly ok that's she's not potty trained just yet, I'd like to move things along.  She's got all the signs the books and experts say a child should have if they're ready for training and she even excited about using the potty!  What's the hitch you ask?  She will only use the potty at my mother's house but not here.  She gets really excited about using hers and my mom even has the same one, but she won't do anything more than sit on it.  I take her to the potty every few hours and I praise her for trying and I'm glad she thinks it's fun but I do wish she would go, I'm rather eager for the end of diapers!

I've heard tons of advice from telling your kid they have to wear underwear and just deal with it to buying an arsenal of potty training 101 books, toys and DVDs.  The problem is that I do like my furniture and don't want to intentionally test my Ashley Furniture 5 year warranty nor do I want to blow my husband's entire paycheck on the Elmo's potty training series.  Other than her not actually going in the potty here there is no issue.  She loves it and she loves sitting on it, and she even knows how to use it.  She just seems to think you only go in the potty at Nana's house or pee in her tub (close enough lol).   I guess in time she will eventually use it or I will find a way to magically predict when she has to go so she'll do more than just sitting there singing about her potty!

For you moms who've been there, feel free to laugh :)  This mommy is still determined to have her little one in underwear by her birthday in July!

My little rascal who only pees at Nana's house

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