Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yay For Fast Internet and a Few New Goodies!

So we finally joined the rest of civilization and upgraded to broadband internet!  Why we had been going on for nearly two years (yes, TWO years!  Insanity!) with a horrible slow poke connection and dealing with the "page cannot be displayed" for the millionth time in a row is beyond me.  So now I can finally take advantage of the wonderfulness that is Windows 7 on our new computer and not spend all day doing simple little things for my business   Horray!  Never mind me getting excited over simple things, you have no idea the agony my previous internet connection gave me!

Wild Things
My little daughter is indulged in the world of Max and Ruby so I have a few minutes to announce some items that are new to my shop, and of course lots of new things are coming too!  I made up an album on my Facebook page of upcoming jewelry so you can get a sneak peek before I list them!  First up is a little collection of super cute animal print Scrabble tile pendants I call Wild Things.  They're hand painted by me just like all my tiles and come in zebra, leopard, and tiger print!
Ladybug Flowers

I've also listed a cute ladybug themed anklet called Ladybug Flowers that is playful and adorable for summer!  All the red and black beads are Czech glass and feature a bright red and black lined ladybug with detailed red flowers blooming all around the anklet.

I've also listed a new charm bracelet, Seaside,  that is a treasure trove of ocean inspired goodness!  Sea stars, sea shells and a playful dolphin are surrounded by waves of blue and frosted white beads!  There's a bit of everything on here besides the charms including glass beads, wood beads, and mother of pearl nuggets in a variety of shapes and many are topped with pretty bead caps for an added touch!

I've got another show I'll be in next month as well!  I'll be doing a joint show with Sue Bosetti, another local jewelry crafter who works with glass pendants, crystal, and gemstones.  She doesn't do anything over the internet so I've no links for you to check out her stuff, but that's all the more reason to join us for the show!  Here's a flyer I made and will be posting around town soon too!  You can see some examples of what she makes in the photos on the top of the flyer.  Gorgeous stuff!

Here's a few gorgeous treasuries I've had the honor of being in recently!  I found this cool carousel widget while reading Sweet Sincerity's  blog, it's really nice and saves space!

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