Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm Happy I Broke My Old Photo Prop Because....

I absolutely LOVE my new one!  Tragedy struck when setting up for a jewelry party.  I had my green glass leaf wrapped in a tablecloth ironically to keep it from getting broken.  I forgot it was in there and CRASH, a million green slivers flew across the floor!  I was mad of course for my own forgetfulness but had that not happened, I'd of never found these beauties in Sumiko's Etsy shop! She sells out of California and makes the most GORGEOUS nature inspired ceramics, I want them all!  Check out the pretty 2-piece antique blue hydrangea ceramic leaves I just got in the mail today from her!


  1. Those leaves are exquisite! Wow!

  2. Oh! They are truly beautiful!

  3. Thanks, I love them so much! I need to take some new pictures of jewelery as an excuse to use them now :)


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