Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Craft Show Success!

Scrabble display, I just LOVED the new oak and hemp trays!
Last Saturday marked my last craft show of this season and I'm so happy it went over well!  I was at the American Legion in Rapid River as part of the Christmas in Rapid River celebration held all throughout the town.  I'm usually mildly skeptical about smaller shows since I've had my share of total busts but this one was just as good as I was told by the other vendors!  I met a lot of great people there along with some familiar faces and although the weather was a bit questionable the turnout was pretty good for there being four craft shows in the same town at the same time!  Maybe I can get that Amazon Kindle Fire I've been drooling over for my birthday next month after all :)  I will for sure be back for the next show in May!

New hemp and leatherette busts
I also was super happy that I got to use my new displays I purchased with funds made at the Eskymo Christmas Craft Show at the Escanaba High School two weekends ago.  They were a little pricey compared to the old displays but they looked awesome and really showed off my jewelry soooo much better!  No longer will I spend forever picking off each and every fuzz stuck to black velvet displays!  That drove me crazy!

Got lots of compliments on my handmade ladies :)
I think for next year I'll do a spring show at the Legion in May and then I'll definitely be back for the Eskymo and Christmas in Rapid River shows again.  I'm still pondering over doing the Waterfront Art Festival in August or not.  The cost is a little steep for my budget not to mention having to rent or purchase a canopy large enough fill up a huge 15'x15' booth.  I do know it's a huge show but we'll see!

For now I'll be busy getting back to the usual grind and cranking out new items to list in my shop, custom orders, and a few new items I had at the shows but haven't listed yet!  Not to mention juggling Christmas dinners and get togethers, fighting people for that perfect ham at the grocery store, and wondering why oh why did I not buy that nice snowblower on clearance last year!  Let the fun begin!
Here's a few awesome treasuries for ya!  Take a peek!


  1. Your displays are fantastic! So happy to hear the show was a success!!

  2. Thank you, it felt like Christmas came early when Mr. FedEx Man gave me the big box from Fire Mountain Gems with all my new displays! Pretty soon he's going to know me by name, lol!


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