Friday, December 23, 2011

EEK! A Mouse!

Aww isn't he cute?
So I discovered the most disturbing sight when I opened up my cabinet full of corning ware today....  mouse crap EVERYWHERE!  Now I didn't find the actual mouse but the little stowaway has been sneaking into my bottom kitchen cabinets probably from where the plumbing comes in and making himself right at home by raiding my garbage can and leaving what he doesn't like in my baking dishes along with making them into his personal toilet.  How nice.  To top it off Kaylie wants to keep it if she finds it.  Let me think about that... no.  Pet store mouse is one thing, wild dirty mouse who craps everywhere is another!

However I am grateful that I discovered this today and was able to take the time to bleach and wash everything in the cabinets tonight instead of scrambling tomorrow to clean and bake and being late to the in-laws on account of a mouse poop emergency!  Now I know why Zoe has been obsessing with trying to get into that cabinet for the past week.  And does that little mouse ever have a plan in store for him tonight!  The cabinet will be left open so the kitties can go to work and if he does manage to evade certain death (I almost kind of hope he does) there is an empty coffee can with peanut butter in it and a paint stick ramp so he can get in but not out.  Hopefully by morning my house will be mouseless!   

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