Friday, December 9, 2011

Meet the New Set - Moss!

Now that craft shows are over I have more time to get around to listing several new pieces that have been floating around for some time now.  I'm also pretty stoked that my sales in my shop have been picking up for the holidays!  I just shipped out four orders yesterday all over the US!  Yay!

Anyway onward to some fresh pretty things!  I made this beautiful series out of Russian Serpentine, one of my favorite stones.  I love the rich earthy green and the dark matrix running throughout which almost resembles reptilian skin.  The Moss Necklace features an array of textures and shapes with rich and warm copper and the perfect combination of the green Russian serpentine.  I really enjoy completely hand forging jewelry and it's just amazing to me that it came from a bit of wire and stone beads!  The chain features copper links, wrapped bar links and some hammered s-links for added texture.  The pendant has a lovely Russian serpentine bead suspended in the middle of the swirly frame that has been wrapped with little copper seed beads.  The necklace is finished off with a hammered hook and eye clasp.  I really enjoyed making this and I do hope it finds a loving home someday!

Next is the matching Moss Bracelet made with five 14mm Russian serpentine coin beads hugged with little copper coils and joined together with hammered s-links that have been oxidized and polished to give a lovely rustic finish.  The serpentine beads are various shades of light and dark green which gives this piece a little added pop of color.  It closes with a simple hook clasp.  This one was pretty tempting to keep for myself!

Last up are the Moss Earrings.  Lightweight and delicate, the 8mm round beads are capped and wrapped with swirly copper wire for a unique and decorative touch.  These lovely baubles dangle from my very own hand forged French hooks.

Each of these is available separately in my Etsy Shop and I hope they all find happy homes!  Before I forget I also wanted to mention that I will be participating in Free Shipping Day for US customers coming up on December 16th!  Tons and tons of online merchants are participating as well, check it out!  However in addition to free shipping day, I'm offering free first class shipping in the US for this entire month!  No code is needed to get your free shipping either.  Just don't forget the Christmas order deadline for shipping in the US is the 19th!

Lastly, here's two awesome treasuries you can check out!

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