Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The 365 Project: Week Three

You could say that this week's theme was a piece of cake!  Sorry for the bad pun, Picaboo's theme was food and challenge was to better understand your cell's camera.  I got my new Droid Bionic just a few weeks ago so this was a perfect opportunity for me to play around with the camera which was surprisingly one of the few things I hadn't played with much yet!  The camera is a generous 8mp but it is not my Canon, plain and simple.  It does however have some pretty awesome special effects and I downloaded a photo app that lets you apply other effects and edit as well.  Hooray for smartphones!

My 26th birthday was on Jan 15th so we went to my favorite Chinese buffet for sushi and other wonderfully terrible for you food loaded with MSG.  It took me a bit to realize that the wide mode that my camera was defaulted to is only 6mp and not the 8 it boasts on the outside of the phone.  However as I became more accustomed to my phone's settings, my pictures became better, clearer and brighter without having to edit the contrast and brightness.  I also had a lot of fun playing with the effects in the app I downloaded!  I especially liked the color process I did on the photo of the Mike's Hard Winter Blackberry and the watercolor effect on the jalapeno poppers.  I used an antique filter on the sushi photo and oil paint effect on the orange.  The other two photos are of a tiny felted kitty and a paper crane mobile I recently made for my daughter.
And last but not least here's the last few treasuries I've been featured in! 


  1. Happy belated birthday Heather!

    Yummm... Mike's Winterberry..... ;-)


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