Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Horray For Potty Training

Just when I thought that my daughter was going to be 5 before she finally gave up diapers she has decided that she's actually going to USE the potty!  Now don't get me wrong, my 3yr old has known what its for and even how to use it since she was 2, but she hasn't actually done anything in it (well she has at my mom's inconsistently but not at our house) till this week!  Now, the last time I mentioned potty training in my blog I was determined to have it done by her 3rd birthday, HAHAHAHAHA!  Ok now that I've picked myself off the floor, I am happy to say that she will most likely be out of diapers by her 4th birthday.  I have not pushed her in any way despite numerous people telling me it's the only way to go.  She will do it when she's ready and I'm not turning it into a power struggle or having her pee all over my furniture either.  Thank God my patience has paid off!

So far she's been using it somewhat consistently for a few days now that she's learned how to tell she has to go before she goes.  I do however wish that she could have timed this before I bought a gigantic super mega jumbo pack of diapers when I could have gotten the gigantic super mega jumbo pack of pull ups but oh well, I'm just glad she's figured it all out!  That and hearing her say "bye bye poopy" and waving as she flushes the big toilet just melts my heart :)

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  1. She'll get it. Sometimes it just takes paintence. She's adorable, by the way.


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