Monday, February 6, 2012

The 365 Project: Week Five

One of two photos Picaboo featured in their blog!  Cranberry pancakes.
Week five was a little bit of a challenge.  Picaboo's theme this past week was morning and the challenge was to capture a sunrise.  I am not a morning person, at all.  However one super awesome thing, TWO of my photos were featured in Picaboo's blog for the best photos of the week!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?  Check it out!!

Now this week was only a little tough because the weather was terrible.  I didn't get my sunrise shot till Saturday which was actually week six, but I don't care!  Since I couldn't get a bunch of shots of the sunrise and such I took pictures of other morning stuff, fresh pancakes my daughter begged me to make one morning, my hazelnut cappuccino,.Jasper hovering over my face when I woke up, Zoe on the end of the bed, and an old weathered fence at the local beach.  However out of all of them, my sunrise photo is indeed my favorite and was well worth setting the alarm for!  It is so peaceful being the only soul standing on the motionless beach, the ice making the waves look frozen in time.  Very cool.
Sunrise on the frozen beach
Lastly, some treasuries, the first one I made and the rest I'm happy to be featured in!  Thank you!


  1. Great treasuries!

    ...and those pancakes have now made me hungry!

  2. You've been featured in some great treasuries this week! Love the green one! :-)

  3. It's always weird to me to see snow at the beach. We get it all the time in Chicago, it's still not what you expect to see with sand...Sand should be warm.


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