Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project 365; Week Four

Jasper and a cup of hot chai
This past week's Picaboo theme and challenge was fairly easy.  The theme was white and the challenge was understanding your white balance.  This is another camera setting that is NEVER in auto on my Canon.  Auto white balance gives ugly photos, plain and simple.  Cloudy gives warmer color, daylight cooler tones and the various indoor settings adjust for different types of indoor lighting.  Custom balance can be your friend to get the most natural coloring if the other settings are not doing what you want.

Being winter here, the theme of white was almost too easy but I wanted to have fun with it.  Snow can get pretty boring real fast (those of you who have to stare at it for 3 months know what I'm talking about).  My maine coon, Jasper, is one of my favorite photo subjects aside from my toddler so I just had to snap the shot of him lounging with his best buddy, Zoe.  He's rather used to having a camera in his face and being a coon he has a mountain of patience and loves to pose for me and my toddler when she's wielding the camera on my old cell phone.  I personally think he much enjoys the paparazzi lol!

Of course I did have to get my winter shots as it gave me an excuse to get my butt out of the house despite my hatred for the cold.  I got some nice shots of snow on Kaylie's gloves, my lavender bush, dried sedum flower heads and fresh snow on the spruce trees behind my home.  I also took a family trip up to Munising and got some great shots of the waterfalls still flowing up there.  I've lived in the area for years and I've never actually seen the falls in winter before.  I'm glad I went!  Absolutely breath taking!

Munising Falls and some spruce trees adorned with fresh snow

Lastly here's a handful of Treasuries I've been in recently, check them out!


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