Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 365: Week Six

This week's Picaboo theme and challenge was much better for my sleep!  This week the theme was night and the challenge was silhouettes.  Usually we try to avoid having the source of light behind your subject so it was actually fun to do this on purpose!  I could have done more with silhouettes now thinking back on it, but it was such a perfect week for sunsets and I just couldn't resist!

The best thing to get a good silhouette is to make the sky your subject (or whatever is your source of light) so that your actual subject is underexposed and therefore a silhouette.  If you have trouble, just point your camera lens a little higher than your actual subject.  Also make sure you don't use your flash.  For sunsets the best white balance setting is usually the cloudy setting, which really warms up those fiery colors!  I did get some cool shots for this week too!  My favorite is the one on top of this post.  My Canon has a photostitch feature so I was able to take several pictures of that gorgeous sunset and "stitch" them on the computer to create the panoramic image you see on top!  I also got a great shot of my cat, Zoe, peeking at the birds one evening in the window and one of the moon at dusk (actually I took it last summer but I really wanted to use it!).  The other three are sunset shots taken near my home.  One great thing about living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is that we get some pretty amazing color out of our sunsets and they last for quite a long time too! 
Lastly, here are some more Treasuries I've been featured in over the past week!

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