Monday, March 19, 2012

The 365 Project: Week Eleven

This week's Picaboo theme and challenge involved using the rule of thirds and I'm excited to report that the photo above of the park bench made it into Picaboo's blog, yay!  I've been getting featured a lot!  The rule of thirds helps you make a good composition instead of just centering your subject like a quick snapshot.  Creating depth in your photo adds interest and shows that there is more going on and/or tells a story. 

If you've never heard of this rule it basically uses lines to split your picture into nine equal parts.  That's the little grid you see when you crop your photos on the computer or if your camera has it on the viewfinder or display.  to follow this rule, your subject should sit at one or more of the four intersecting points, as shown in my photo of Zoe above.  You can see she is set in the two intersecting points on the right side of the photo instead of being centered.  Of course you don't always want to use this rule either.  Photos with symmetry, for example a photo of a road lined with trees on each side, look best when centered.

I got some great shots this week, and now looking at them all together it's hard to believe we went from winter as seen in the photo above of my daughter catching snow on her tongue to full on spring by the end of the week!  I'm certainly not complaining!  My hens and chicks are beginning to green up, I finally got a shot of the timid little bunny that lives under the trees (I wish I got a better photo though), the cats (Sasha is pictured below) are basically obsessed with staring out the window with all the spring birds, and I got a cute shot of two doves preening each other in the cherry tree.

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