Saturday, March 10, 2012

The 365 Project: Weeks Nine and Ten

I have some catching up to do on here!  Week nine at Picaboo was about finding light and understanding exposure.  I also had the above photo featured in Picaboo's blog as well!  I've been getting featured quite a bit, yay happy dance!

I'm not going to get all technical on you but understanding how to adjust the lighting on your camera is a good thing.  You can go all manual and adjust your ISO, aperture, shutter priority, etc if you please but although I'm not an "auto" kind of person I don't feel the need to fiddle with every setting either.  The easiest way to adjust lighting is with that little +/- button on your camera.  The + side of the meter on your camera's display will lighten and the - side will darken.  Easy enough right?  You'll want to pick a setting that has a good balance of light without being overly shadowed or so bright it loses detail.  

I had fun with this week's pictures!  The one on the very top is my favorite photo prop for my Etsy shop listings.  I also took a shot of some scrapbooking stamps, some basil seedlings in my window, doves on a telephone wire and an air plant on some river rocks.  Once I figured out how much that light meter can help you out if it's set accordingly, things got so much easier!  Why hadn't I messed with it sooner?   We got a ton of snow that week, so I had to get a shot of the heavy snow on the spruce trees behind my house and also of my dracanea plant with the morning light filtering through.

Latte anyone?
For week ten the theme was shapes and the challenge was picking a lens.  My Canon isn't the kind with interchangeable lenses so I skipped that part.  Again, I got a photo (the one above of the coffee cup) featured in Picaboo's blog!  Another happy dance!

This week wasn't too hard either since shapes are everywhere!  The hard part is narrowing them down!  Kaylie helped me a few times too with her orange star sunglasses and her triangle crayons.  The shiva shell slice beads were a wonderful swirly shape and the black and white of the jars I admit I took several years ago at an abandoned house, but it has lots going on there!

The apple was a great curved shot and of course I totally love macro!  For my last photo I purposely over brightened to capture the linear shapes of Zoe's whiskers in the light.  She's such a good photo subject :)

Of course I can't forget to show you some treasuries!  Here's a few of the most recent:

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