Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The 365 Project: Week 20

Is it just me or does this vaguely resemble a running dog?

I loooove taking photos of farmland!
This week on Picaboo, the theme was taking pictures on a cloudy day and the challenge was photographing clouds.  I agree totally that for outdoor photography, cloudy days are the best.  You get softer lighting and shadows.  Also if you are photographing people, they aren't squinting.  Set your white balance to cloudy and click away!


Kaylie holding a dandelion puff

One of my orange daisies, love the wisp of violet in the middle!
As for actually taking pictures of clouds themselves, they are a wonderful way to help frame your photo and add some interesting texture.  For landscape photos you can make your sky look vast and expansive by keeping the landscape itself in the bottom quarter of your photo like I did in the photo second to the top of the farmland.  Watch your exposure settings as well (perhaps dial down the light meter, that little +/- button on your camera) so that you don't over-expose your photo and end up with an all white picture.
Seagull testing the wind

Not the best photo ever but hey it's a cloud!


  1. My fav is the daisy w/purple in middle...natural complimentary colors. I'm looking at huge clouds out my window now.

    1. I do just love that orange/violet combo. I adore dasies! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great photos! I agree about the purple wisp in the Daisy! Great color combo :)


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