Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The 365 Project: Week 19

This week on Picaboo, the theme was back-lighting your subject and capturing images of women.  The above photo was also included in Picaboo's blog for the week too!

Photo of Kaylie from last spring since it was pouring outside
Back-light shot of some marigolds-one of my fave all time flower photos I took!

Typically when taking photos, your subject is facing the light.  To achieve back-lighting you want your subject to have the light source behind them.  Other forms of back-lighting are capturing sun-flares and silhouettes.  You'll want to make sure to focus on your subject and perhaps lower your light meter down a bit (that little +and - button on your camera) to keep your subject from being drowned in light.
Sasha in the early evening light
Another shot from last year since it was raining again

back-lighting can make for some lovely photos with the unique lighting that plays with the colors and makes your subject appear softer.  I had a bit of trouble with uncooperative rainy weather so a few are from last year that happen to be back-lit.

Grass in the yard
Wild vine seedlings

Of course there's no real instruction on photographing women/girls other than finding a willing participant!  Mine of course was my little girl!  Some interesting angles to keep in mind that are flattering are shooting from above and using leading lines.


  1. Such lovely photos! I really love the first one with your daughter smelling the dandelion! ~cute!

  2. Great pics! So funny that the first pic shows a dandelion. I just visited another blog that showed some dandelions. =)
    Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos.

  3. Love the photos!!! and your daughter is so sweet!! :)


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