Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tophatter Auctions for This Week!

This is in tonight's auction at 8pm EST!
I'm excited to be in two auctions this week!  I have an auction tonight were you can snag my bird nest necklace pictured above for an opening bid of only $11!  Retail price is $25!  The auction is tonight at 8pm EST, RSVP here!  After you've reserved your spot you can set a text alert for my necklace here!

Next up I'm super stoked to be a part of Handmadeology's Mother's Day auction on Saturday May 5th at 8pm EST!  This is a private auction but you're all invited!  RSVP here!  I'll have a Poppy Scrabble Tile and 20" ball chain, pictured below (your choice of blue or yellow), up for grabs for an opening bid of only $6, regular price is $12.25!  You can set a text alert for it here if you'd like!

Poppies Scrabble Tile for auction May 5th 8pm EST
I hope to see you there and make sure to stay awhile, there's lots of great items up for grabs!  You can also check out Tophatter to see what other auctions are going on this week.  If anyone would like a no wait invite link to become a member, visit this Handmadeology post and look for the no wait link!


  1. Hi Heather:

    At Tophatter did YOU submit your birds nest necklace to be offered, or were you invited by the site to list it? Haven't heard of TH until I read your Google+ post.

    1. I listed it myself, you can list what you please in the different categories of public auctions. You only need an invite to list in private auctions such as the one my Poppies tile is in. Tophatter is a nice live auction site for crafts, vintage, supplies etc. Check it out and if you'd like an invite to join Tophatter just check out the Handmadeology post I mentioned! It's free to join and fairly inexpensive to sell!

    2. Thanks Heather. I did go quickly to the TH site, but didn't read a lot. Will note your info for future.

  2. I love tophatter! I've both bought and sold on it. Good luck at your auction!

  3. Your pendants are beautiful Heather.



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