Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The 365 Project: Week 36

Mums in bloom
I decided to make up my own theme for this week since Picaboo had a theme of food and I didn't feel like going all fancy trying to make my meals look amazing.  All in all, I didn't care, and I'd rather eat it than take pictures of it.  Soooo that being said, I chose a theme of "first signs of fall" considering it's the first week of September and all.  If I've been driving you crazy with photos of flowers, don't worry it will be over soon ;)

Marigold in full autumn color
 Since I don't have a tutorial to sum up for you, I'll just tell you what I did!  Since all the flowers are fading I've been cleaning up my beds and putting some of the summer things away like my daughter's pool and I made sure to take my camera along looking for changing colors and other signs of summer fading away, as sad as it is.

Wilting Arizona Sunflower
The leaves on my vines are starting to change color
Of course you all know that I adore macro photography and if you didn't then you need to pay more attention.  The color changes and wilting flowers gave me a perfect excuse to snap away in macro mode to my heart's desire!

Snapdragon seed pod.  Looks exotic doesn't it?
Arizona Sunflower seed head, looks like a colorful dandelion!
 I have to admit, I never really paid much attention to flowers going to seed other than yanking off the offending stem to give the ones in full bloom center stage.  They're rather pretty and almost exotic looking in thier own way.

Ceramic pumpkins from the dollar store
I also found a pair of really nifty little ceramic pumpkins from the dollar store, aren't they awesome?


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