Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The 365 Project: Week 37

The marquee from the old Michigan Theater in downtown Escanaba where I live
For this week on Picaboo, the theme and challenge was street photography.  The above photos made it into the best of the week blog post as well!

Mural on the side of the Stone Deli in downtown Escanaba, MI

Metal step from a slide in the park

The traditional urban style street photograph is black and white for that extra sense of drama.  Not that there's anything wrong with color but urban photography just plain old looks better in black and white unless color is needed to tell a story or is an integral part of your photo, such as a mural.

In Mackinac Island, cars are prohibited so there's lots of horses!

A violinist that was playing outside the Art Institute when we went to Chicago

There are a handful of tips for street photography.  One is to be a little sneaky.  If people are going to be in your image, you want candid photos.  You don't want to look like a stalker either so be respectful as well.  Although in most places it is legal to photograph people in public, it may be best to ask permission, especially if children will be in your shot.  If someone notices you've taken a photo of them and they ask you to delete it, do it regardless of how great it may be.  A few tricks to taking candid photos without being noticed is to act like you're interested in something near the people you want to photograph, or pretend you're checking settings, etc.

Sign from the historic House of Ludington in Escanaba

Rusty old street sign near the park in Escanaba

Make it interesting.  Step it up a notch and use leading lines, creative angles and use your rule of thirds.  Watch your backdrop too, it shouldn't take away from your subject.  One of my favorite things for street photography is to be a tourist in your own town, even if you're in a tiny town like me.  Really look at all the great architecture on old historical buildings, statues in the city park, cars, people on the sidewalk, murals, people feeding birds, and so on!  You might be surprised what you find when you really look for it!


  1. I like that metal step from the park. And I love all the black & white. Great photos!
    from Blogging Buddies

  2. pretend you're taking a picture of something else? you sneaky little devil you. hahahaha


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