Monday, November 1, 2010

A Few New Trees

Green Adventurine Gem Tree
These "new" gemstone trees are trees I hadn't photographed yet, so I figured I'd get a couple of shots in before I sell them!  The green adventurine is a cool melon green similar in color to Jade, which tends to be more opaque.  Hematite I'm sure most of you are already familiar with is a gunmetal grey with a silvery sheen  in the sunlight.  Picture jasper is a unique mottled brown with a stippling of dark brown and blacks, almost looking painted.  These three genuine gemstones are available along with twelve other gemstones that complete my Birthstone Tree series.  They are as follows:
Hematite Gem Tree

  • January: genuine garnet
  • February: genuine amethyst
  • March: genuine amazonite
  • April: genuine crystal quartz
  • May: genuine malachite
  • June: genuine fluorite
  • July: genuine red jasper
  • August: genuine peridot
  • September: genuine lapis lazuli
  • October: genuine rose quartz
  • Novemeber: genuine citrine
  • Picture Jasper Gem Tree 
  • December: genuine turquoise dyed howlite (a turquoise substitute)
I have several types of trees including Basic Trees and Photo Charm Trees in addition to my Gemstone and Birthstone Trees.  All trees are available in copper, silver tone and brass plated and in small and medium sizes.  These trees make excellent and unique gifts, especially with Christmas just around the corner!  Both the Basic and Gem Trees would make great jewelry trees as well for your dangling earrings and bracelets that you'd love to show off!  Please visit my personal artist website here or the link is also in the column to your right.  I'm also selling trees at my upcoming Jewelry Party on November 5th at a discounted rate for those who attend.  Email or comment me if you'd like information regarding my party.

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