Friday, December 17, 2010

New Fur Baby in the Zoo!

My hubby gave me the best Christmas present!  A fluffy little 11 wk old kitten!  I wanted to share her and the rest of our critters with everyone!  New little one is Zoe, a long hair grey with faint tabby stripes on her face and legs.  She almost looks like she has leopard spots on her side since the stripes are broken up!  Kaylie just adores her and calls her, "baby kitty".  She's learning the rules here quickly: don't scratch this, we don't belong on the desk, and stop jumping in the plant!  The other kitties are getting used to her, no major confrontations, just some fur puffing and growling.  I had been thinking of getting a kitten for some time now since Sophie is leaving soon to go back home with my sister-in-law (we were cat sitting while she was in college) and Jasper will miss his wrestling partner!  Giz plays with him but only for a few minutes before she's had enough.

Jasper at 9 mo
Our other fur baby is Jasper, a big overly fluffy and cow spotted Maine Coon.  We've had him since he was 10 wks old and 20 pounds lighter!  He's three now and such a lover boy.  I named him after Jasper on Family Guy, Brian's gay cousin since he acts like such a girl!  He may be a little wussy (he's afraid of everything new) but he's my sweet hairy boy and he loves his cuddles and glitter pom poms.

Gizmo at 6 wks
Gizmo is our three year old pretty tortoise shell who looked just like the gremlin when she was a kitten.  She had huge ears and was a bit of an ugly duckling (so ugly she was cute though!)  She's grown to be quite the pretty girl though!  She's a bit on the timid side but she loves her cuddles too and will befriend you so long as you let her come to you.

Sophie Lounging
Sophie is just visiting and will be going back home at the end of the month.  She's a pretty 1 year old Russian Blue with a touch of tabby (she's got stripes at the end of her tail).  She's got a bit of a chip on her shoulder and thinks she's top cat but her and Jasper are buds.  They love to wrestle in the living room and get hair everywhere!  She's also got the most unique way of lounging!

In addition to the kitties we also have two huge albino oscars, a plecostomous (algae eater) that's just as huge and a freckled catfish that's growing like a weed.  Kaylie has a fish tank too, two angels, a pleco, a red platy, and a weather loach.  When she's older we plan on getting her a pet rat.  They're supposed to be very good with kids since they don't bite much like hamsters and guinea pigs can.  Yeah, we have a zoo!
Our Oscars and Catfish

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