Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Career is Moving Up!

Purple Orchid

I got a call recently from my painting/art history instructor, Joann,  from when I was attending college for my AA a few years ago asking if I would be willing to come in and be a paid speaker for this semester’s painting class next week!  She wants me to give a demonstration of my technique used for my mixed media Flower Series.  She liked my use of glazing for the color accenting and the fact that I use a sable hair paintbrush and powdered graphite in lieu of a pencil for the drawing.  I couldn’t be more excited!  Art has always been a passion of mine and for the longest time it wasn’t much more than a serious hobby.  I’m just glad that I’m beginning to make a career of it!  Between this and my jewelry (I just started my hammered heart series and they’re coming along beautifully, once they‘re done to Etsy the go!) my fledgling career seems to be going up and up!  Next year I’m planning to enter holiday craft shows and I’d also like to enter the Northern Exposure art show at the Bonifas as well.

Now I just have to make up a  plastered canvas and get all my materials together for next Wednesday!  I hope the students are as enthusiastic and excited as Joann says they are!  I’m certainly looking forward to it but I must say, it’s going to feel a little weird being the one talking instead of being the one paying attention.  Last time I was there, I was just a student and teacher’s aid!

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