Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peace and Quiet!

Mommy's lil stinkpot
All is quiet throughout the house, no pitter patter of toddler feet or squeals so loud.  No grenades launching from the Xbox or whining about empty tummies.  Finally this mommy has peace and quiet while hubby and toddler are away :)

I get to have something magical for a few days before Thanksgiving: ME time!  Hubby is out hunting for the rest of the week and my mom has offered to take Kaylie till I see her for Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness for grandmas!  It seems like the possibilities are endless with the amount of things I can accomplish without a kid hanging off my leg or a husband pestering me about dinner!  Maybe I'll even have time for a book!  Most of all, I'm looking forward to lots of uninterrupted time to finish up the last items I need for the craft show at the college!  So with my hot cup of pomegranate tea off I go to create, relax, and all around enjoy the peace and quiet for a few days!

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  1. Oh! how wonderful...Enjoy the quietness...and let yourself get lost in your creativity...this is a priviledge moment...

    good luck at the show! :o)

    For me these kind of moments would be listening to Chopin with a glass of Shiraz making wonders with paper!


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