Monday, November 8, 2010

A Few New Things on Etsy

Winter Maple
Winter's Frost II
Got up a few new listings on Etsy recently!  I have plenty more that will be trickling in over the next few days as well.  I have now my Wintermint Kiss bracelet and necklace available on Etsy that were seen at my recent show.  Also listed my Winter Maple and Winter's Frost II raku necklaces (pictured).  I really love the vibrant metallic hues in the raku leaves, they really pop and the dark brown copper wire accents them so beautifully!  The silk ribbon on Winter Maple is personally hand dyed using an organic dye, the soft grey color matches perfectly and of course smooth silk feels so nice on the skin :)  The Winter's Frost II features my classic caged copper wire pendant with a small raku leaf inside and has matching glass copper and brown accents on the waxed cotton cord.  The dark wire provides a wonderful foreground for the metallic sheen of the raku!  To see them and the rest of my shop visit this link or the Etsy link in the column on the right.

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