Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Great Start and Future Thoughts

Jade Calla
First off I want to thank all of those who attended my jewelry party and I am exceptionally happy about the great turnout!  I had a wonderful time meeting new people and seeing my own friends as well.  I am very happy to say that my jewelry and trees were quite a hit!  I have plenty of custom orders to keep my busy!  Taking this into consideration I think it’s a wonderful idea for me to branch out and become a vendor in craft shows next year!  I received exceptional compliments over my craftsmanship and quality of each piece, so I am confident that I would do well in them!  I think I finally found my happy niche in art.  I will always love to paint, draw and work with mixed media, but I think I can really have fun going the jewelry route.  The creative ideas are endless and the sky’s the limit (well actually my budget is the limit, ha ha!).  I will be working with hammered copper wire very soon, once my order gets here (hurry up Mr. UPS man!) for my hammer and block.  I will be adding earrings soon and I’m thinking of adding anklets when spring gets closer.  I’m absolutely loving the wire wrapped look and will continue to incorporate that into my future works.  Keep a look out for new designs in my Etsy shop!

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