Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hand Painted Vintage Scrabble Tile Pendants!

Apple Tree on Copper
Many of you have already seen the first batch of my pendants, and they seem to be getting great feedback so far!  I've never had anything get hearts so quickly or been featured so quickly in treasuries!  I think I've done well by choosing to make these!  As you know, I love to paint and of course I make jewelry, so why not do both at the same time?  They are super fun to create and I've had years and years of experience in painting small with microscopic round brushes back when I used to recreate scenes from my favorite graphic novels by Jhonen Vasquez.  If anyone knows who this unique artist is, I was a very, very weird kid in my early teens and I had a borderline OBSESSION (yes it needs to be bold) with Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee and also Invader Zim, ok anything Jhonen Vasquez, lets leave it at that.  Come on, GIR is AWESOME is he not?  Ok now that I'm sure many of you think I'm nuts, I will move on :)

Happy Bluebird
I won't get into details on every tile I've done since I don't want this post to be a mile long!  For the most part I am recreating versions of some of my favorite paintings and adding lots of cutesy designs I came up with on the spot.  My all time favorite painting subjects are flowers and apple trees along with earthy abstracts, so expect lots of those as well as bright cheery images and landscapes since spring is coming!  I'll be making more tiles with copper leaf as well, the 3D glaze looks awesome with the bright copper leaf, making it almost glow.  I like the cute look of folk art designs, things like coffee shop art, curly designs, birds, and fat cat art too.  Speaking of fat cat art, I did do a tile with a fat cat using my cow spotted Maine Coon, Jasper, as my muse and he turned out just adorable!  I'll have him listed soon enough once it cures and I get photos done along with several other designs.

Red Poppies
I've seen tons of Scrabble tile pendants using printed images, which look very nice, but I feel they can lack personality and that handmade feel vs a painted image.  So by personally hand painting mine, they are truly unique and you know a ton of love went into making them.  I do plan on repainting any that sell, but of course no two will ever be exactly the same, making each one one of a kind as well.  they'd make wonderful gifts for that hard to shop for someone or art lover!  They aren't just for adults either, they'd be cute as gifts for children (ages 6 and up due to choking hazard) and teens too!  I plan on painting a few to save for my daughter when she gets older too, right now she'd probably just squirrel them away with the pair of angora hair gloves that I still cannot find! Don't forget I also have a listing in my shop for a matching ball chain in antique copper for a couple bucks in the same section as the tiles!

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