Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet Birdie's Nest and Coming Soon: Scrabble Tile Art Pendants!

Sweet Birdie's Nest
I've haven't stopped for much of anything lately and I've been quite productive lately!  The first item I'd like to introduce is my Sweet Birdie's Nest copper wire necklace.  This little sweetheart features a hand crafted bird nest with three little frosted blue glass "eggs" awaiting for mama birds return.  I really enjoyed making these cute little nests out of 24g solid copper wire that I wrapped and twisted by hand to make it look like twigs and vines and then finished it with a lovely warm patina.  To protect it I used Renaissance Wax, a clear museum quality preservative, meant to protect to patina finish (among a thousand other uses) and also shields sensitive skin from metal reactions without wearing off.  Due to it's unique properties, you can gently wash it with soap and water and the wax will be unaffected.  I made myself a pendant too and since I am very sensitive to copper myself (how ironic right?), I thought I'd test the wax's claim.  I've been wearing it for two days now and not a single itch nor yucky green mark on my skin.  You can't even tell the wax is there-no oily residue, no build up, and no overly glossy shine.  Just natural and beautiful copper!

Wild Things Bracelet
Sand and Sea Charm Necklace
The next two items I recently listed are Wild Things bracelet and Sand and Sea charm necklace.  The bracelet is made with these awesome leopard print wooden beads and dark brown wooden beads.  I made each link myself and used pretty antique finish copper glass beads in between.  The Sand and Sea necklace features a beautiful brass plated sand dollar and a dainty copper plated sea horse charm on a bronze plated mother and son chain.  I made six beaded links using gold finish glass beads to add a unique touch to the 18" chain.  It's a simple and elegant addition to my Ocean Inspirations jewelry line!

I've decided to jump on the Scrabble tile trend bandwagon by starting to make my very own hand painted Scrabble tiles!  None of these are prints or designer paper, they are 100% original painted artworks done personally by me!  I really love to paint and I've seen domino tile hand painted pendants but thought they were just too heavy and clunky to wear so I thought Scrabble tiles would be a lighter and easier alternative.  I have put a use to the vintage Scrabble game collecting dust in the closet (I made sure it wasn't worth anything first)!  They have been a real joy to paint on and I will be putting out my first batch once the glaze completely dries and I get the bails glued on.  The bails I chose are, you guessed it, copper!  They were rather hard to find, but I found some lovely antiqued heart shaped ones and some matching dainty antique copper plated ball chain that I will sell separately for a low price.

Check out my Etsy Store for the new items I've mentioned and keep a look out for the Scrabble tiles coming soon!  I will have an entire section in my shop for them!


  1. Awesome new items Heather!!! I love the fact that the scrabble tiles are handpainted by you! makes it more special! When I was reading your post and you mention "vintage" scrabble game...I went OH MY!!!! I'm glad you reassured us by having checked the value first!!!...lol...

  2. Thanks! I've noticed a TON of printed designs on tiles and similar things like that but not so much hand painted, surprisingly actually! When I checked online the game was worth at max $20 in pristine never been played mint condition, this one was well loved over the years and the box was held with duct tape :)


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