Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Items and My First Etsy Sale of the Year!

Key To My Heart
Necklace: SOLD and
Whoo hoo I made my first sale of 2011!  I'm SUPER happy since I was really hoping to make a sale before Valentine's Day!  I sold and relisted my Key To My Heart Necklace, one of my favorite charm necklaces!  I really hope whoever it is given to loves it as much as I do, I wear mine all the time!  I wanted also to make sure everyone knows that I'm having a Valentine Sale in my shop going on through Valentine's Day!  Every item marked SALE in the title has been marked down-no need to enter a coupon code (unless you're a Facebook fan, then use your 10% off fan coupon code too, it's in the notes tab!), you can find the sale items and other cute V-Day gift ideas in the Valentine Gifts section in my shop!

Hoot Hoot Owl Necklace
Now I'd like to mention my two new items I listed last night!  I took a break from preparing for the upcoming show to make two new items that turned out super cute!  The first is Hoot Hoot Owl Necklace, a darling owl and Czech glass flower necklace with a wonderful vintage flair!  I recently received a new shipment of glass flowers (I just LOVE them) and I fell in love with the creamy vanilla color of the flower I used for this particular design!  It has a bit of a brown patina rubbed into the crevices that makes it appear aged as well, very lovely!  The design is simple, yet elegant, and come on, that owl is just awesome!
Star Gazer Earrings

The next item I made just for fun!  I've had a stash of bronze plated star charms and had no idea what to do with them for some time till I remembered a favorite pair of earrings I had in my late teens!  I made these Star Gazer Earrings using antique finish bronze plated cable chain with matching star charms hanging throughout the lengths of chain.  They turned out really cute!  Each earring is loaded with 7 star charms too!  These aren't just for teens either, they'd look cute for a night out or a day at the mall with friends!

This just in: COMING SOON!  Anklets!  I know it's still February, but if you're like me then you're seriously sick of staring at snow unless you're lucky enough to live in some remote tropical paradise (don't even THINK of rubbing it in either)!  What better way to think of warm breezes and sunshine than a fun, brightly colored anklet?  Well I'm sure there's other ways of remembering that but think spring with anklets!  I'll be making some within the next week and will (hopefully) have them listed then too!  My evil husband has given me his cold I think (spraying him with Lysol apparently didn't do the trick) so I want to get as much done as I can before I go into a cold medicine delirium!  I promise not to infect any of my creations :)  I also would like to get out a few more paintings and/or mixed media pieces as well by the end of the month, keep an eye out!

To see any of the above mentioned items (except anklets, they're not out yet) please visit my Shop!

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