Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hopes and Goals For 2011

Gemstone Earrings
Green Adventurine
It's that time of year again for resolutions and goals for the new year!  I have a handful of my own for my jewelry and in general.
Shop Goals 2011:
  • List more often and on a regular basis
  • Promote myself more
  • Do a larger scale craft show
  • More jewelry parties :)
  • Sell more on Etsy, I'm doing pretty good outside it though!
  • Be more involved in my Etsy Teams (Love you guys!)
Personal Goals 2011:
  • Don't stress so much over the little things
  • Exercise more and eat better, not necessarily to lose weight but to just be healthier!
  • Get Kaylie potty trained, I've been procrastinating too long!
  • Get Kaylie used to her big girl bed when she figures out how to escape her crib
  • Get out of debt (one loan is paid now, one to go and the credit card is almost done!)
  • Fix our roof once and for all (I swear to God if the storage room won't stop leaking I'm tearing it down!)
  • Save $$$$
  • Convince the kitten that house plants are not for chewing
  • Knock down the "hunny to do list" by half, at last ;)
Kaylie smelling the marigolds
I'm hoping to accomplish all these and maybe more by the end of the year!  It's all possible if I put my mind to it!  Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else for your goals for this year!  I hoping to make this year truly amazing :)

Check out my Etsy shop here, and don't forget to check out my artist website on Wix too where I sell wire wrapped tree sculptures!
Photo Charm Tree

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  1. New follower to you here and I too share some of the same goals for my personal shop as well. I wish you well and hope you succeed this year! Look forward to following you :) Fellow Michigander!!


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