Friday, January 21, 2011

So Far So Good!

A few mini canvases I made
Well I have successfully completed my first day of my new work schedule!  There was no running around, I didn't feel stressed, the house was cleaned, and I even got to go over the color and shape flash cards with Kaylie!  I do admit it is hard to not touch the computer till 11:30am instead of popping on first thing after waking up while I try to eat breakfast and peel hungry cats off me.

A series of thumbnails for paintings
Today's project is to make more mini canvases so I can get started on my mini paintings!  I prefer to make everything myself rather than buy my surfaces from a catalog or store.  Store made ones may look "perfect" but hand made frames have more pride!  I also need to get my handy hubby to zip up some boards so I can make plastered boards for my mixed media works.  I'm not particularly fond of the table saw, ha ha!  My mini canvases are made of solid poplar stretcher frames with 100% natural unbleached heavy duty cotton duck canvas.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to have the first few up and listed on Etsy!  I have lots of thumbnails worked out for ideas!  I've decided so far to have 4"x4" canvases and also some 4"x3" ones too.  Those sizes seem to be a good fit for mini canvases without being too small.  I may try to crank out a few paintings this weekend while Kaylie is napping since I don't think my husband and I are doing anything otherwise.  We pretty much hibernate all winter!


  1. I like your sketch of the leaf vines...Will we see it in your shop soon?

  2. Thank you and yes, it will be in my shop eventually! I have to build more mini canvases and right now I'm preparing for a show later next month. Once I'm caught up then I'll have time to build more canvases! I'll have mixed media panels as well :)


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