Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mini Painting Debut!

Red Poppies Series in front of my very dramatic
bedroom accent wall
I'm very excited to announce the start of my mini painting line!  I had missed painting but since I have so much of it in my own home and I'm not about to install walls just to hang more art so I wanted to come up with a way to sell more affordable original artworks and mini paintings was the answer!  I've actually been making smaller sized paintings for some time now after my previous trend of making huge scale abstracts.  I began with the smaller sizes for more than just simple space saving: I didn't want to have to buy paint every week on a starving artist budget!  Granted I am no longer in that dreary budget boat (thank God!) but I still desire to keep things more cost effective for myself and for my customers!  And lets face it; these darling little paintings look great not just grouped or on the wall, but also grouped, stacked, or individually set on an accent table, mantel, shelf or bookcase to brighten any room!

Red Poppies II
Red Poppies I and III
Because I'm a very DIY kind of gal, each one of my 4"x4" canvases is constructed entirely by hand using solid kiln dried poplar for the frame and eco-friendly heavy duty 100% natural unbleached cotton duck canvas.  I prefer using a deep cradle and this series has a generous 1" profile, making them "pop" on your wall or perfect for setting on a shelf.  My work rarely ever needs framing, each edge is painted as well!  Each one comes ready to hang with a sawtooth hanger on the back along with the title, date and my signature on each piece.

The first series of mini paintings I've completed is the abstract-style Red Poppies series.  I had a lot of fun painting these since I just love painting floral motifs and other nature inspired themes!  I enjoy the bright cheery tone in each piece and I cannot help but smile when I see the bright red-orange poppies dotting the skyline and landscape in each panel.  They certainly light up the room considering the dreary winter weather and make me forget how much I miss working in my garden!  I really do hope these darling little paintings find a happy home where they will be loved as much as I loved making them!  I'm offering a deal if you buy all three in this series you get FREE shipping (USPS Priority Mail plus Delivery Conf) and insurance!

Red Poppies III

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