Friday, January 21, 2011

I Was Featured in a Blog!

As a part of our Treasure Lover Team weekly promotions, we're assigned members totrade info and feature each other in our blogs as a quick and easy way to promote each other's Etsy stores!  I think it's just a wonderful idea to get more traffic on not just Etsy but also blogs, Facebook, and more!  For this week I was featured in MariaPalito's blog!  She did an absolutely wonderful job featuring me in her blog and showcasing items in my shop!  I've even noticed some increased traffic to my shop already!  To see the feature she did on me please click here to visit her blog!  I also did a feature on her as well, click here to see the featured artist post I did on her shop!

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  1. Oh I like this. I think I might join in on the team. Thanks for sharing this info, Heather.


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